Comedy of the street (Commedia dell’ strada)

For many centuries there have been street performances telling the ancient stories of life and all its struggles. Puppetshows have for long been an important part of these tellings. Egon Adel had made a puppetshow that reveres to the ancient themes of myth, fairy tales and folk tales that have been depicted not only in the streetshows with puppets but in all stories. A funny and lighthearted puppetshow for all ages but for the close observer with the symbols and archetypes of all ages. The heroes of the commedia dell’arte perform for you, with all their heart, the echo of many street traditions.
photo 1: The Vulture, Harlequin with his dog Intuicio and Pantelone the merchant

The traditional story of Jan Klaassen

The traditional story shown is a sequence of scenes played in Amsterdam for over a 150 years that clearly has similar roots as its European brothers. No fairy tale but the fight of a simple soul with the evils of our society and life itself, Jan Klaassen conquers all problems. From domestic problems in his marrage with Katrijn, to being enlisted in the army, defying Death himself and ending the story in a explosive fight with the Devil.
Photo 2: Jan Klaassen
About the puppeteer:
Egon Adel is the puppeteer that is now playing the national square Dam and the famous Rembrandtplein. He started his puppet theatre in 2005. When Egon came in contact with puppetmaster Wim Kerkhove in 2011, he took over the traditional puppetshow on Dam square. It was here that he learned of the old crafts and stories connected to Jan Klaassen for over hundreds of years. He has shows without language inspired by the characters of the Commedia dell’ Arte and keeps the soul of the historical (anti-) hero alive: Jan Klaassen – the most famous puppet of the Netherlands.

Photo 3: Egon Adel on Dam